Whit's Art

Remembrance from his Mother

Whit’s life is to be celebrated, honored and his memory, to be cherished. He was a person of great integrity and the most loyal of friends. He was wise beyond his years; yet, he was still the baby that I held, once, in my arms. Whit had a unique command of the English language. Empowered with the gift of a razor-sharp sense of humor, he could silence even the best of debaters.

Whit was a talented artist. To those of you who have visited my house in Colorado, you have seen the wall in the stairwell, with the plaque inscribed: “The Whit Gallery,” where I have displayed his best works of art. He began his art career in preschool. When I arrived to collect him from school one sunny Spring afternoon, his teacher told me to ask him the title of his painting. When I posed the question to him, he replied, “This is the Fountain of Youth.” And with that, he began his pursuit of the arts.

To all that knew and loved Whit, I am deeply grateful that you had the great fortune to share in the wonderment of his life.